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Vilnius, Lithuania x 2015

The journey through Eastern Europe has begun. Yesterday we arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania and soon before long we found ourselves on a long and winding road from the airport. When we planned to take a bus to the city center, the bus driver laughed at us and pointed towards a building in the horizon. 'No bus, just walk - hahah'. Naïve, as we are, we started strolling and after 6 kilometer (sic!) the destination finally came closer: The old brick wall surrounding Vilnius. We put our stuff at the hostel, got something to eat and started exploring Vilnius; a tiny, but interesting city with a history going all the way back to medieval times, Danish kings and even mentions a brutal executions of 14 Franciscan monks. The journey has really begun.

Mermaid in Disguise

Door in Vilnius
Morning view at The Gates of Dawn

Silhouettes of The Three Crosses. They commemorate the execution of 14 Franciscan monks 800 years ago and the atheistic communistic regime.

A Roman-Catholic church in the old town.
Another communistic landmark gets eaten up by good, old Mother Nature - SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI.
Vilnius is an odd mix of new and old. 
There were weddings all over town the we arrived. 
Posing Simultaneously 
Bike and Decay

Blue and Grey

The uniforms in the Baltics are almost antique and looks like something from an USSR-street market in Berlin..
Jens chose a pretty..diverse menu. Pig's ear in heavy white gravy and an ale with coconut taste

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