mandag den 3. august 2015

Minsk, Belarus x 2015

After a beautiful and exhausting day in Vilnius (my iPhone said +30K steps in the evening..) we headed east. In order to reach Ukraine from Lithuania the straight way was through Belarus, a country I didn't know for other than a decorated flag, a dictator and a brilliant ice hockey-team. I got surprised though as we arrived at Minsk Central in beautiful morning sun and met with Vlada, a Belarusian film producer Jens knows. Vlada and her collegues Aljosja and Sveta showed us around Minsk for hours and hours, and miles and miles. We saw the museums, the boulevards, the parks, the ferris wheel and countless Belarusian monuments. But. If one thinks Belarus is only an abandoned, grey militaristic state - he's wrong. Since the iron curtain came down things have started facing west; McDonalds, Abercrombie and Marlboro is everywhere to find. Everything remains intertwined in (n)ostalgic elements, between dictatorship and Disneyland, between Russian and Western Europe, between yesterday and today.

Mirrors and Triangles
The Opera Gods

At The Pit, a Holocaust memorial. 
Jens at The Great Patriotic War Museum. Quite a name.
Me and Jens. On top of ыянальная бібліятэка Беларус, The National Library of Belarus.
Vlada, Sveta and Aljosjza, good company.

Sveta and Jens in the Minsk Metro.
B\W Composition 3
The iconic National Library of Belarus.
Minsk in reflections.

'Gorky Park' seen from a ferris wheel
Detail from an exhibition at The Great Patriotic War Museum
Francysk Skaryna

As I've been making this blog post the train has been speeding in the Ukrainian night, I can smell old USSR-brakes in the entire wagon.

After some minor interrogations with the border police and military, we've finally arrived in Kiev. 12 long hours surrounded by sweaty Belorussians and Ukrainian. In a train going to Crimea. Pretty intense. Today: Sun in Kiev, its 30 degrees.

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