mandag den 10. august 2015

Lviv + Odessa, Ukraine x 2015

Lviv is picturesque, Odessa is not. Lviv has old trams and Prague-like motifs, girls in dresses playing around the squares, it has history and museums at every street corner. Odessa on the contrary is the Napoli of the Black Sea. It is inhabited by crooks and Mercedes-driving ex-prisoners, packed with clubs and beach babes.Lviv is founded by Austrians and faces only land, Odessa by the Empress Catherine the Great and faces the Black Sea. It's northwest vs. southeast. We visited both cities for a night and had the opportunity to see for ourselves.

Blue Man
Greetings from the tram.
Ukranian Soldier taking a break, Lviv.
Lviv National Art Gallery.
At the Church and Convent of the Benedictines, Lviv.
Old lady next to the Armenian Chuch, Lviv.
Ghosts, Armenian Church, Lviv.
Lviv around noon.
Valentyn & Max

Odessa is a lot like Los Angeles or Athens with its many tree covered streets. 

Car anno ?

Black Sea.


Train Odessa-Chisinau

Grumpy Profil.

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