fredag den 14. august 2015

Chișinău, Moldova + Bucharest, Romania + Sofia, Bulgaria x 2015

Writing from Budva, Montenegro.

So. We went from Odessa to Chișinău by train. It was melting hot as always, but we made some beautiful stops during the trip. Our plan was to go from Ukraine and all the way to the west coast of the Balkan Peninsula in just three days. We managed. But that meant spending two nights in sleeper buses and during transport. Unfortunately there is a trend among eastern European bus drivers that implies driving like rally drivers. A truly thrilling and funny experience for the first couple of hours, but after two days it got a bit exhausting and trivial. Luckily we survived. It meant, though, that our usually so beloved night sleep was reduced to sporadic moments of snoozing during the 48 hours.

From Moldova we went to Bucharest, Romania and had one night there, moved on the Sofia, Bulgaria and explored the city in the night hours, took a morning bus to Skopje, Macedonia. Had 12 hours there, where we went for a swim in the Olympic basins, went to the movies and saw "Pixels" and had dinner in the old Islamic part of the city .Then we took the night bus to Bar, Montenegro and a mini couch to Budna, Montenegro. 

By the way: This place is paradise on earth,

A break. Moldova.

Boy looking at me. Moldova
Trains in perspective.
Train in blue, yellow and grey.
Flower Lady
Evening Swing, Chișinău.
Sunset, Chișinău.

Nicolae Ceausescu's prestige project. Bucharest. Romania.
Gare de Nord, Bucharest.
Piata Victoriei, Bucharest.
Book Selling Automat at the metro station. If you are bored you can buy a little Schopenhauer classic, or what about a Stefan Zweig novel?
Girl at the Control Bar, Bucharest. 
Elderly Lady, Bucharest.
Crossing the Danube River, Bulgaria.
Welcome to Bulgaria..

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