torsdag den 9. juli 2015

Jotunheimen, Norway x 2015

My brother David and I went to Norway to do some trekking and glacier hiking. We drove from Oslo to Jotunheimen National Park, where I hadn't been since I was a boy-scout, 10 years ago and had the exact same age as David. The trip was thereby, in some sense, a nostalgic re-living of my early teenage memories and an obvious opportunity to introduce my brother to a bit of rough and beautiful nature. We spent the first two days in 'Leirdalen', a valley with breathtaking, snow-covered mountainsides and a aggressive, rushing river providing an around-the-clock soundtrack. 
On the third day we went for the big fish: the summit of Galdhöpiggen, 2469 m.a.m.s.l (the highest peak in Northern Europe). 

During the four days we had in Jotunheimen, the weather consisted of primarily snow, hard rain, fog, mist, wind and a bit more of rain, temperatures from -2 °C to 12 °C. On the first night our tent, which was already defect due to some missing, crucial, pieces, was hit by powerful gusts, blew into pieces and ended up being completely useless. Luckily we had a spacious car with great seats and A/C (!), so this ended up being our interimistic bachelor pad for the following nights. As I prophetically told my brother before take-off in CPH, "This is not going to be a pleasure cruise".

Arriving in Leirdalen
Sheep and Snow
The River Leira
What used to be a bridge..
The Sheep Who Stare At Danes
Getting ready for 'Kyrkja'
Clouds / Mist / Fog?
Rocks & Skies
David & his Faithful Squire
'Leirvassbu' in the background
Found a Rock


Composition #1
David collecting rocks

Composition #2

Before the Top

On Top


David exploring

Dark Trees around Midnight

The Moon

On the Way to Galdhöpiggen

Half Way

Moving Up

At the Summit, 2469 meters above the ocean

Organizing the Rope

[Cultural input alert] The Birthplace of Norwegian author Knut Hamsun (1859-1952), Garmo

Happy and tired after some intense and beautiful days

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