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Nepal x 2015

I visited Nepal with Access Health Care, a NGO that mobilises national and international medical practitioners, biomedical engineers and other health care workers to provide research for development in rural areas of Nepal. During the two weeks we visited numerous hospitals, clinics and spent two days in Tarkughat, Lamjung conducting a health camp for the local people. 

The Team.

Downtown Kathmandu
Morning View @ Kathmandu Valley
Meeting @ Patan Hospital
@ Patan Hospital

David is introduced to a broken, yet fixed, wheelchair @ Dhulikhel Hospital

Registrering the patients in our health camp @ Tarkughat, Lamjung
Local Kids @ Tarkughat, Lamjung
Testing the vision @ Tarkughat, Lamjung
Young Boy @ Tarkughat, Lamjung
Women in line and waiting for registration @ Tarkughat, Lamjung
Waiting for the examination, notice the little rocks @ Tarkughat, Lamjung
Waiting for registration @ Dhulikhel
In the cockpit @ Himalayas
The Himalayas
Collecting base line data @ Tarkughat, Lamjung
On the way to Thamel @ Kathmandu
Pulling the tooth @ Bharatpur District Hospital

Shy Girl
Inspecting a MR machine
Lady @ Bharatpur

The Team. From left: Public Health Student Pernille Boelling Hansen, CEO Engeneering World Health Leslie Calman, President of Access Health Care and B.Sc in Biomedical Engineering David Kovacs, Dr. Saujan Shresta, MBA Rajkumar Siwal, Dr. Justin Jung Thakuri and - me. 

for more info about the project check out 

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