mandag den 15. juni 2015

Folkemødet 2015 x Bornholm

5th year in a row Bornholm hosted a 'people's meeting', Folkemødet. The concept is pretty much based on the mutual meeting between political parties, NGO's and curious people with a political interest. I spent some lovely, sunny days surrounded by friends and acquaintances from around the country. Beer, sun, laughing and endless discussions and conversations were the elements of this year's Folkemøde. I'll come back next year for sure.

From left: Andreas, Kristoffer and Jens

Mette Bock (LA)

Joachim Juel Vædele and Birgitte Stoklund Larsen from Grundtvigsk Forum and Grundtvig-Akademiet

Panel discussion on 'democracy, people and state'. From left: Mathias Schwartz Kirkegaard, Karen Lomholt, Christian Langballe, Rolf Bjerre and moderator Jens Alfred Raahauge

Ending the discussion in a proper manner

Evening Fireworks

Sunrise and Silhouttes

Debate on 'freedom of religion and criticism of religion' with politician Naser Khader and former bishop Niels Henrik Arendt

Nap in the Sun

Debate on the commemoration of the victims of the Armenian genocide 100 years ago. In the picture Armenian ambassador Hrachya Aghajanyan interviewed by Birgitte Stoklund Larsen.

Post Dinner

Helga Græsholt

'Total Hip Replacement' breaking it down on the AURORA-boat

Rock & Gold

High level security during the Geert Wilders interview
Danish politician Morten Messerschmidt in ideal surroundings
The Gang
Rasmus Vangshardt

Hotdog from 'Suhrs Madakademi' with lamb-sausage, lovage, lilacs and rhubarb ketchup

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