søndag den 24. august 2014

Swaziland x 2014

I’m back in Denmark after an intensive and challenging week in Swaziland. I was sent to the southern hemisphere by the The Danish Bible Society and United Bible Societies in order to picture and document life in the northern Kuhllahlah region. An area that has been vastly affected by HIV for the past 30 years, and as a negative consequence of this almost pandemic disease, the country has been fighting with domestic violence, rape, poverty and more than anything, trauma
Swaziland is traumatised, and during my stay I got the chance to hear the atrocious and unbearable stories from the townsfolk.

Fire in the Landscape

Tiny Dog


Chair & Table

Post Box

TV Shop

Brenda with Bible
Abandoned Children

Their Sleeping Room

Trauma Healing Session

Sceptical Baby

Happy Worker
School Class

Dudu & her Pupils
My interimistic Work Station

Kuhlahlah Kids

Kulahlah Girl


Kuhlahlah Boy

Children in their Home

Dudu praying
Waiting for a better Future
All Eyes left

View from the Class Room 
Donating a Duvee & a Matress for an old Grandma
Kwenu Besutfu

Two of Nine siblings
Little Hand

Blue Door & Tea Pot

The Horizon

Interimistic Work Station pt. 2

Dr. Harriet S. Hill  from the Trauma Healing Institute at American Bible Society (in the middle)

Blue & White

Poor Guy got bit by a Dog. His Familiy cannot afford the Medicine..

Playing in the Landscape


Water & Car

Taking you Pain to the Cross

Mother [left], Grandmother [middle], Siblings [right]




Blue Violence


Kuhlahlah School

Class Room

Maize Container
Trauma Healing Session

Bumpy Road

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