tirsdag den 1. april 2014

Getting to Kew Gardens

As I realized I was entering my final week in London, I felt a sudden crave for a last unorthodox adventure. Some would probably have gone for a thrilling boat trip, visited that last unexplored museum or have tried to ignore their sentimentality and move on. I, however, decided to go for a walk along the Thames Path. After having completed a 12KM stroll, I ended up in Kew Gardens - and what an experience. In the middle of cherry blossom, deep green shrubs, a cornucopia of daffodils and miles of sky scraping pines, I (re)discovered my botanico-feminine side in these paradisiacal surroundings. I even met a frisky peacock!

Hammersmith Bridge in the Distance


Mirrored Heavens

Study in Green & Brown
Preparing the Boats
Pochahontas Reminiscence..

River Thames and Table
Barnes Bridge

Row, Row, Row your Boat

Palm House - Kew Gardens

Four Palms

Cherry Blossom

Human Intervention

Cherry Blossom #2

Cherry Blossom #3
Cherry Walk

Going Away

Inside Temperate House - Kew Gardens

Cherry Blossom #4

Chinese Pagoda

Cherry Blossom #5

Chinese Pagoda B/W

Fainting Blossom..

Peacock on the Run

Mysterious Table

Spiky Pine in Rainbow Colours


Magnolia Magenta

Magnolia White

Kew Palace

Spacy Over Grown Mushrooms

Cherry Blossom #6

Temple of Aeolus

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