tirsdag den 18. februar 2014

Athens / Αθήνα x 2014

As per usual and in accordance to a strict consensus, encouraged by friendship and adventurous eager, we, Studenterkredsens Bestyrelse, dedicated a weekend to visit our good friend, rhetoric student pro tempore and theology student in spe, Rasmus. He arrived just a week prior to our visit, but even due to short notice he'd managed to prepare the glorious city for our arrival. A man of coordination. The short stay, Thu-Sun, was a blast, and the peculiar synthesis of mediterranean sun, drinks, eternal culture, temples and 6 young men's uncontrolled buoyancy made the trip eclectic, bouncy and..boisterous. I already miss Athens, its temperature and its striking resemblance with a large-scale 1980's parody.

F.C Panathinaikos 

Athens by Night - Seen from Mount Lycabettus

In the Metro

Sarcastic Temptations



On top of Akropolis

Stone & Green


Dramatic Tree

Dear KrG with an Orange

Nun-stop Shopping

Orange & Green


Dear RJ in his Home

A sceptical Greek

Dear FH in Anafiotika
This is staged

But this is real

Dessert meets Enthusiasm

7 guys 1 cap..

Op og hen!



The View from Hymettus

Close Call

Them Boys

Wall of Stone

The beautiful Vault

Mauve & Brown

Kaisariani Monestary

On our Way to the Sea

The Sea

The Seamen


Dear RJ with a burning Shoe


Six d.o.g.s.

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