torsdag den 7. november 2013

Isle of Wight x 2013

Living in central London is marvelous. No doubt. But when I sense an opportunity of going somewhere spectacular, I never let it go down the drain. During the reading week, I stumbled upon an old map in a bookshop in Mayfair. There was a black cross next to the sea. So I googled the name of the island and this breathtaking photography from the island south of England suddenly popped up: Isle of Wight. The picture showed three gigantic stacks of chalk, rising out of the sea. Great Britain has more than 1,000 small islands and islets and I didn't really know anything about this island. So I started my little 'Google-engine' and found my way to a bunch of different places to go on the island. I needed a place to go for a little retreat and to get some reading done - and maybe to get the chance to take a few photographs. I ended up, most naturally, with finding an old monastery next the ocean. The next day I was sitting on the train on my way to Portsmouth Harbour.


Low Tide
Vespers 5 PM
Climbing The Hill
Coastal Magic

Near Gale - Beaufort 7
Strong Gale - Beaufort 8
The Needles(s) Old Battery
Distant Light

The Tennyson Monument
Green & Gray
The Abbey Garden

The Secret Path to the Sea-  (Only monks (+Adam) are allowed entrance)

Terce - 9 AM


The Guest House

Monk & Scaffolding 

Requiescat in Pace 
Bricks & Blue #1
Bricks & Blue #2
The Old Ruins
Train on Water - (This totally reminded me of a scene from 'Sprited Away by Hayao Miyazaki
Rust & Green

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