tirsdag den 10. juli 2012

Roskilde Festival 2012

In 2011, we had a rather untraditional theme for our camp: Camp Jong-Il. A strict North Korean (ironic!) camp project with brown Kim Jong-Il'ish shirts and a lot of different military insignia. But this year, we had to re-invent ourselves. We agreed on a "French Camp". A simple theme with striped shirts, small scarves and the mandatory beret. Another thing that changed from 2011 was our "ghettoblaster". We doubled up on everything.

Le Frede

Vive Le Fête #1
Le Bob

Vin Blanc de Blancs

Le Albert

Vive Le Fête #2

Le Tuborg

Le Bombass


Thomas et Frede

Vive Le Fête #3

Vive Le Fête #4

Vive Le Fête #5

Vive Le Fête #6
Noo Monsieur!

Le Noodle

Le Concert
Haut Couture - Remix
Bob et Le Fille de Vent

Incroyable Mais Vrai!

Monsieur Mustache
Le Skate

Vive Le Fête! #4


Le...le what?



Le Frede

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