fredag den 16. november 2012

NYC, USA x 2012

I visited my brother in NYC this fall. He was working as a "dog-sitter" (an alternate version of baby sitting). So when he was working during the day, I went around all by my self in this big, frightening huge city. Here are some impressions.

Airport & Sunset

Apple Center - 5th Ave. Seen from the store

Rembrandt & I

The Met

Central Park

The New York Times


American way of car parking

China Town

My brother at Grand Central Station


Fence in Brooklyn

NYC skyline

Daytime Sleeping

Worship Everyting.

NYC by Night

The Palisades


125th Street - Harlem

Central Park in the twilight

Rockefeller Center

"The Very Best"

Pooh at Times Square


Squirrel in the park
Jewish Area 
Sky High

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